Personalised vitamins tailored to home blood tests, run by doctors

Personalised vitamins should be based on blood tests, not guesswork. By testing for core nutrient deficiencies using our at-home fingerprick blood test kit, we can get you truly optimised by boosting what you need, based on real clinically-validated evidence.

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Our tests & supplements target:

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We believe supplementation should be based on blood tests. Taking a scattergun approach to supplementation isn’t ideal as it can lead to:
• Inadvertently taking too much of a vitamin which can be toxic
• Many vitamins being excreted unused, which is a waste of money (and bad for the environment)
• Masking other deficiencies which may never be detected

How It Works

Our Mytamin Core Screen allows us to assess you for the deficiencies which can make you feel run down. Once your results are ready our doctors will provide you with a personalised report and, if indicated, can offer you vitamin supplementation to help optimise and maintain your nutrient levels.

Step 1: Our Home
Blood Test Kit

Our finger-prick blood test kit is a simple and easy way for you to test yourself at home. Once you’ve taken your sample, simply put it in the included free-return envelope and pop it in a postbox. Our blood test series include:

Our Mytamin Core Screen

This tests for the main vitamins and minerals associated with wellbeing. These are also the major nutrients that people are most likely to be deficient in, in varying amounts. The Core Screen tests for:

• Vitamin D
• Vitamin B12
• Haemoglobin

• Ferritin
• Folate
• Magnesium

Additional Tests

These optional add-on tests allow for further assessment of your core nutrient levels:

• Copper
• Zinc
• Enhanced Iron Studies

Mytamin My Test Kit for personalised supplements
Mytamin Report

Step 2: Your
Mytamin Report

Our doctors will analyse your results to write you a personalised report that provides advice on your lifestyle and diet and puts your results into context.

Step 3: Mytamins

Our doctors can offer you a personalised supplement regime that will help to optimise your vitamin and mineral levels as well as maintain them.

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