Supplements based
on science

Vitamins have been subjective for too long. They require people to make assumptions based on theoretical deficiencies, and this can be at best a waste of money and at worst detrimental to your health. It’s time to change this, by putting the science back into vitamin supplementation.

Our Mission

Vitamins and supplements have spent a long time in the shadow of pseudoscience. Misinformation has made supplementation complicated, as well as borderline harmful.
This shouldn’t be the case. Vitamin science has been established over the last few decades yet we still rely on subjective questionnaires and hype marketing to advise us on our vitamin needs.

People can find themselves gravitating towards quick fixes like coffee, energy drinks and random supplements, but this does nothing to help the underlying problem.
We want to take validated evidence-based science and our clinical accumen in managing vitamin and minerals deficiencies, and bring that all to you in one quick, easy service you can experience from the comfort of your own home.

Optimisation at your fingertips

We believe optimisation shouldn’t be a chore. That’s why we designed it all to be done from an app, on your phone, at home.

A good screen
always starts with

Sometimes a health survey or questionnaire just won’t cut it. You can order a quick, easy-to-do fingerprick blood test from our Mytamin App. It contains everything you need to get a sample for testing, which you can easily return to our CQC-certified partner lab with the prepaid, postbox friendly envelope provided.

Mytamin My Test Kit for personalised supplements

Leave the rest to us

Let us do what we do best, analyse. We’ll go through your results, put them into context for you, and provide you with your own personalised Mytamin Report. This report will encompass a detailed breakdown of your results, what your results will mean for you, and what can be done to optimise them organically and with our help.

Get yourself back
on track with Your

We offer you supplements to take alongside your meals. These are designed to target your tested values, but also ensure that minor, very difficult to test, essential elements are boosted too. Our multivitamins will therefore be all-encompassing for up to 24 different vitamins and minerals.

In some cases we offer stronger individual vitamin boosters alongside your multivitamin if your bloods suggest that it is needed. We recommend you to take our vitamins for 6 months before retesting your levels to see if you are on track.

Delivered monthly

Supplements are a long game. It takes a while to start seeing the effects of vitamin boosting, therefore it’s essential that you stick to a multivitamin plan for 6 months before a retest.

When you subscribe, we’ll send you Your Formula every month for 6 months, and then recommend a repeat screen.