Our Blood Tests

In our mission to optimise you, our home blood tests target the core deficiencies which affect health & wellbeing. We offer our users both our standard Mytamin Core Screen, as well as additional tests for a more extensive screening.

Our Mytamin Core Screen

This core screen tests for the main deficiencies that can affect health & wellbeing.
You can find out the science behind these tests here.

Mytamin haemoglobin test home blood test


Haemoglobin carries oxygen in the red blood cells. A deficiency causes a decrease in the blood's oxygen-carrying capacity and this therefore affects the oxygen delivery to the cells.

Mytamin vitamin d test home blood test

Vitamin D

Under-optimised Vitamin D levels are directly linked to fatigue, a weaker immune system and bone health. Vitamin D plays an important role in mitochondrial activity regulation and cell health, as well as several other biological networks.

Mytamin ferritin test home blood test


A vital marker of long-term iron intake and hence the iron stores needed to keep you active. Iron is necessary for many processes including haemoglobin formation and immune function.

Mytamin b12 test home blood test

Vitamin B12

Involved in the metabolism of every cell in the body, this vitamin is integral for red cell production and deficiency will cause a myriad of symptoms, including tiredness, reduced cognition and also poor hair health. Deficiencies can also affect mental health.

Mytamin folate test home blood test


Essential for the synthesis of DNA and involved in several vital mechanisms in cellular metabolism, deficiencies can cause symptoms including tiredness and irritability.

Mytamin magnesium home blood test


Magnesium is required for the normal functioning of every cell type in all organisms. It is needed for cells to use and convert energy in vital biological pathways. Optimisation is important to help symptoms like poor sleep, muscle weakness and fatigue.

Optional add-on tests for a more extensive screen

These further tests allow you to screen other aspects of your nutritional health.

Mytamin iron test home blood test

Iron Studies

This test offers a comprehensive iron screen, which adds on to the Ferritin in the Mytamin Core Screen. This allows more detailed insight into how your body handles your iron stores.

Mytamin zinc test home blood test

Zinc (coming soon)

This screen tests for serum zinc which is needed for transcription factors to help co-ordinate cell division and growth. Deficiencies can lead to symptoms like poor hair, skin & nails, weakened immune function and reduced cognition.

Mytamin copper home blood test

Copper (coming soon)

This screen tests for serum copper. There are several copper-dependant enzymes that are vital for many important pathways in the body. Deficiencies can lead to issues in energy, neurotransmission, connective tissues and skin.

We are working tirelessly to bring even more blood tests to you.